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231015 - Ceramic Stoneware Vase #012

26.5cm wide x 32cm tall / 4.2kg
230905: VASE 10/100 – The 10th Ceramic Stoneware Vase made by Josh Galletly. Hand-built from four slabs of clay which are joined to make the vase body before the wave-form is created from individual clay coils wrapped around the pot. Working upwards from the base the first coil is attached with each subsequent coil following the path of the previous. Incremental changes in the attention paid to the waiver in the previous coils path are propagated up the vase body with fluctuations between resistance and its release described in a wave-form unique to the moment it was created.

16.5cm wide x 33cm tall 
• Glazed interior and exterior
• Weight: 4.2kg

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