Collection: AFENDS x Broccoli x JGALLETLY

In 2022 Australian Clothing label 'Afends' and American Cannabis Culture Magazine 'Broccoli' collaborated on the design and production of a unisex capsule collection of hemp based textile products. The collection includes: Bucket Hat, Beach Bag, Women's Twill Pants, Women's Swimsuit, Mens Shirt, Mens Shorts all featuring the artwork '190412, JGALLETLY 2019'. The collection was sold throughout Australia, America and Europe during the Summer Season 2022.

Original Artwork:
  190412 (YYMMDD), JGALLETLY, 2019
Medium: Acrylic on marine-plywood, 2000 x 1000mm
Availability: SOLD

Digital Reproduction: 190412.eps Vector image
Commercial License:  Limited Edition Exclusive, 2022
Licensed for use in Afends X Broccoli X JGALLETLY capsule collection: Bucket Hat, Beach Bag, Women's Hemp Denim, Women's Swimsuit, Mens Shirt, Mens Shorts.

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