• ehsto.

    creative agency for the premise:
    "everyone has something to offer."

  • 220119
    Josh Galletly
    Lennox Head, NSW
    Josh Galletly
    .925 silver, hand-engraved by Josh Galletly
    Josh Galletly
    Josh Galletly
    Josh Galletly
    Tasman Way Studio, 2020
    photo: Jess James
    Ink on paper (digital download)
  • "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing." ––Annie Dillard

    Deliberately or otherwise, we make choices in attempt to find balance and mediate the pressures of our lives. As individuals our sense of agency seems to vary as widely as our personal preferences do. And the air doesn’t care what the sound has to say—it just waves in response to what moves it.

    Pressure Mediation is a creative practice. It explores the generative process of value expression by Mother Nature––through multiple mediums of exchange.

    The artworks derived from this process represent the fundamental principles that drive us as individual members of a global society. Visualising patterns of value and the incremental changes in our focus of attention that compound over time and shape our expectations of what's to come.

  • ( YYMMDD )

    a daily practice since 2019
    works on paper: (190923–200731)
    engraved metals: (200801–201231)
    works on paper: (210101–present)

    high-res downloads available for all works on paper.

    Base and precious metals hand-engraved with wave-forms unique to the moment they're created.

    Original Series: (200801–201231)
    cut and numbered each day as part of a 5 month daily practice of traditional hand engraving

"The integrity of our identity requires a locus of agency that is honored by the collective but cultivated in solitude."

 –– Maria Popova