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Acrylic on Marine Plywood
1220 x 610mm


a collection of artworks by Josh Galletly exploring pressure mediation as the expression of value by Mother Nature––through multiple mediums of exchange

Working across a range of mediums from paintings to relief work, the artworks in this series are all derived from the same fundamental process. A single line is marked freehand along one edge of the surface. A second line follows alongside in attempt to honour the path of the first. Inevitably it waivers due to the nature of the human hand that marks it. The varying tensions between past lines influence the path of the line unfolding in the present moment. Incremental change compounds with each iteration. The tension in flux propagates through the medium––wave-forms define patterns of static and dynamic quality in a unique representation of the moment they're expressed.

each artwork is titled with the date it was created in the YYMMDD format. larger works that span days, weeks or months are dated from when the first line was marked.

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