Paintings Description

PRESSURE MEDIATION ––the creative practice of visual artist Josh Galletly explores the generative process of value expression by Mother Nature through multiple mediums of exchange.

Intentionally or otherwise, we express our values with our actions and the choices we make in attempt to find balance and mediate the pressures of our lives. Derived from an abstract representation of this process 'Pressure Mediation' employs sequential line-work––drawn freehand––to explore the dynamic quality of individual agency and it’s influence on the integrity of a collective. Each single line represents the path of an individual, while the integrity of the collective is described by the wave-field as a whole.

Across a range of mediums, each artwork maps the wake of energy-exchange in an exploration of territory between an instance of first awareness and the unfolding present moment. The process reveals evolutionary patterns of value as they emerge in response to incremental changes in the focus of attention––that compound over time and shape our expectations of the future.

each artwork is titled with the date it was created in the YYMMDD format. larger works that span days, weeks or months are dated from when the first line was marked.

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