Downloads FAQ's

How do I access the digital files?
Digital files will be available via download link provided on the checkout page after your order has been placed. You will also receive a download link via email to the address you provide at checkout.

What size can the artworks be printed?
artworks are scanned @600dpi
A5 Original Artworks can be printed at size A4
A4 Original Artworks can be printed at size A3

All digital downloads are licensed for personal, non-commercial use only.

Original Artworks scanned @600dpi

File type:
 JPEG image
A5 File size: 13–14mb
A5 Dimensions: 
5258  x 3508px / 445 x 297mm
A4 File size: 25-36mb
A4 Dimensions:  7220  x 5000px / 611 x 423mm
Resolution: 300dpi
Colour space: RGB


text editor text:

  1. Create Your p5.js Sketch: Develop your sketch using the p5.js web editor or any other code editor. Make sure it's fully functional and tested.

  2. Export the Sketch: Once your sketch is ready, export it. This usually includes your sketch's .js file along with any additional assets it uses (images, sounds, etc.).

  3. Host Your Files: You need to host your p5.js files somewhere accessible online. This can be done using a service like GitHub Pages, a cloud storage service, or even directly in your Shopify store's file storage system.