The engravings from this series are characterised by their imperfections, the colour and lustre of the metal are expected to change naturally over time. Brass and Copper will take on a darker and less reflective appearance with use. Sterling Silver 925 is significantly less prone to tarnishing than the Brass and Copper and will remain relatively unchanged with use.

Brass & Copper
Brass and copper will not rust, however you should expect tarnishing with age and handling due to the natural oils in our skin that will affect the colour and lustre of the metal. Brass will become dull and more golden in appearance while Copper will take on a matte brown colour.

Silver Sterling 925
Sterling Silver 925 is a precious metal composed of a minimum 92.5% Silver alloyed with 7.5% other metals, usually copper to increase its hardness and strength. 99.9% Silver is rarely used in jewellery making as it's too soft and easily damaged. 

Silver is a lot less prone to tarnishing that both Brass and Copper and will remain relatively unchanged with use.

Can I clean the engravings?
All engravings can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
The black finish in the recess of the engraved areas are a result of an accelerated oxidation process. Vigorous scrubbing or cleaning with a brush or scouring pad may remove the black lines from your engraving. To prevent this, avoid cleaning with anything that has an abrasive surface that can get into the grooves of the engraving.


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